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Snowfall Press Returns Policy

First of all, thank you for using Snowfall Press. We appreciate your business. Snowfall Press is set up to empower publishers to manage their own printing process. We have created tools for you to load, save, and print your own books. This process can be intimidating the first time you load a book, but you will see how easy it is to manage this process.

Returns for Books Printed by Snowfall Press

Because Snowfall Press is manufacturing your product on demand, we cannot accept returns. If there is a defect due to manufacturing, Snowfall Press will either replace the book(s) or credit your account for the book(s).  Manufacturing defects do not include positioning errors visible in the Snowfall Press Book Setup application or errors in the file visible in a printed proof.

In order to optimize your experience, Snowfall Press highly recommends:

  1. Using X1-A PDF files.
  2. Printing sample copies (proofs) before printing production copies.  By not printing a proof copy, you assume the risk of all aspects of book (including but not limited to cover color, grey scale, bleed) save physical manufacturing defects.
  3. Filling out the "Return To" portion section under My Account/Organization Settings.  By doing so your drop ship orders will reflect your own return address should books be returned by either the shipper or a customer.  

Damage Due to Shipping

Snowfall Press uses third-party shippers such as UPS, Federal Express, and the US Postal System to deliver printed books.  Snowfall Press sales are FOB shipping point.  As such, Snowfall Press does not accept returns due to damage during the shipping and delivery process nor is it responsible to compensate you for damage determined to occur during shipping or transit.

Process for reporting a defect:

In the unfortunate event that there is a manufacturing defect, please follow this procedure:

Email our customer service support ( with a description of the manufacturing defect as well as a picture of the defect.  In some cases, Snowfall Press may ask for the defective book to be shipped at our expense to our manufacturing facility.  We will take steps to correct the issue, and we will send you a replacement for the defective book or credit your account if the problem is determined to be a manufacturing defect.

Shipments Returned to Us by the Shipper

Orders that are drop shipped through your account to your own customers must be returned to your own shipping address. We cannot accept books returned to us from your customers.  As mentioned abover, we encourage you to fill out the "Return To" section under "My Account/Organiztion Settings", to ensure that so that your customers returns go to you should they send anything back. Snowfall Press does not process books returned to its manufacturing facilities and is under no obligation to reship books from its manufacturing facilities due to adress or delivery errors. Any book returned to a Snowfall Press manufacturing facility is subject to being destroyed.

Retail Returns Through the Print-to-Order Program and Ship-From-Inventory at Send The Light Distributors (STL)

The retail sales channel has historically operated with full returns privileges. If you are using the PTO program at STL, you will need to allow returns, or most retailers will not even consider ordering your book(s). The returns are processed at STL’s facility and you are charged a $1.00/book restocking fee. When this same book is ordered by another retailer, the book is picked from a picking bin location to fill the order, rather than printing the book again.