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By creating this user acount, you agree that:

  1. You are the sole user of the account. You will not allow anyone else to use this account.

  2. You have the legal right to print anything that you submit to Snowfall Press.
    This means that:

    1. You are the copyright holder of anything you print, or

    2. You have the written permission of the copyright holder, or

    3. You are certain that the documents you are printing are in the public domain both in the country that the document is printed in and in the country to which it is being delivered.

  3. In the event that something you have printed is found to be the property of another copyright holder, you accept all responsibility as the infringing publisher and you will indemnify Snowfall Press in the case that Snowfall Press is found liable.

  4. You will edit and proof anything you print. You accept that any mistakes are yours and yours alone.

  5. You will produce proof prints where needed and understand that:

    1. Proof copies cost money to print and you must pay for them even if you don't like them.

    2. Any problems with a proof are yours to deal with. This includes any problems that were not evident from an on-screen preview.

    3. If you print books before proofing, and you don't like the result the responsibility is your own.

  6. You understand that the shipping estimates given by Snowfall Press, while believed to be accurate, may be influenced by unforeseen conditions. Your books may be late, and delays in shipping are the responsiblity of the shipping company.

  7. You will not print content which promotes racism or violence.

  8. You will not print pornography.

  9. You will not print anything which is illegal in the country in which the document is to be printed, or in the country where it is to be delivered.

  10. Snowfall Press reserves the right to decline to print anything at our discretion.

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